The story of the once-in-a-lifetime-thank-god-it’s-over day from hell

so on tuesday morning, at approximetely 4am, we left on what would become the longest drive to boston ever. the story in and of itself is so long that i am not sure i even want to put it all here for fear of alienating my readers. and besides, most of you have heard it from the source by now anyway.

some highlights:

driving approximetely 78 miles in the wrong direction
(you take 80W to new england, right?)

getting hit by the horrific hurricane rain for a solid twelve hours of driving, resulting in the inability not only to see in front of us for any distance, but also completely marring all attempts by yours truly to make up for the time i’d already wasted (see above)

sitting at a standstill outside of hartford for another two hours while they clean up literally the worst traffic accident in connecticut’s history

punching maz in the face
(the consenses is that he deserved it, but don’t tell him that)

maz making it to not one, but two amazing pearl jam concerts, AND getting a shirt that jeff ament threw to the crowd

me visiting the amazing eric carle museum and gathering beacoup things for my school, including signed books and tons of posters and curriculum schtuff

and finally

i hear the lobster bisque at quincy market is delectable


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