Go team Venture!

so now i am told i am also the worst tv-viewer ever. i don’t watch anything on network television (not because i am a snob, just because i am not informed) and if you combine that with the fact that i have only owned a tv for less than a full calender year, i believe it becomes fairly clear why i have no idea what the whole reality tv deal is about, nor did i notice when friends or sex in the city went off the air. which is not to say that i am a total cultural moron. i just haven’t made tv watching a priority, and i completely suck at maintaining a consistent time each week to watch a serial show.

until now.

i am a fairly huge adult swim fan, and definitely have made time to watch sealab, family guy, home movies, and aqua teens on a semi-regular basis. luckily many of those shows have been in reruns long enough – and there are few enough episodes – that i can watch casually and still enjoy without the manic need to tune in every evening. it is especially difficult during the school year, since my bedtime is less flexible, so it was great to be able to watch freely all summer and catch up on most of the episodes.

that being said, i have never really rearranged my schedule to accommodate adult swim. a couple highlights come to mind (the sealab with the german and the cannibals, for one; or the home movies featuring the franz kafka rock opera genius) but for the most part i am a loyal but realistic viewer, able to miss an evening without having kittens.

until now.

at the end of the summer, the guys in atlanta started advertising a new show called the venture bros. we tuned in one saturday for the premiere and were absolutely blown away. it is hands-down the most funny, most clever, and most intentionally self-conscious tongue-in-cheek episodic secret agent show i have ever seen. i really cannot do its multiple layers of appeal justice.

first of all, patrick warburton does one of the voices, and if you don’t know him from the tick or the emperor’s new groove then i pity you. he was also elaine’s boyfriend on seinfeld for awhile, though i am not personally familiar with that incarnation (network television).

and secondly, the premise is just too too funny. the brothers by the name of venture are hank and dean, sons of world-famous scientist dr. venture. brock sampson is the family bodyguard, and the monarch is venture’s arch nemesis. it is such a successful send-up of a sixties adventure series, while also being very very aware of how goofy the entire genre is. most of the characters are quite perceptive of the ridiculousness of the conventions, and hilarity ensues.

i don’t want to turn this into (in the words of a friend) “a ringing endorsement from an obsessive fanatic” but i am just blown away by this show. new episodes only premiere once a week but are replayed four times, and i frequently watch ALL FOUR!

any of you who know me well enough should realize how atypical this behavior is, and it should probably then be considered an all-out call to tune in to adult swim on the cartoon network saturdays at 11:30pm (or sundays at 12:30am). come see what all my fuss is about, and THEN you can call me obsessive.


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