Howdy from Mt. Lebo

today i am visiting my friend lauren’s school in the mount lebanon school district. she teaches first through fifth grade in two different elementary schools, and we are setting up art pen pals with our fourth grade students. it should be very interesting to see how the two completely contrasting groups of students find mutual things to relate to one another about. i am anticipating a common denominator of dragonball-z, myscene, 106.7, and super cool art teachers.

it is pretty fascinating to see the way other schools operate, and the way other teachers teach. honestly, it makes me feel much more positively about both my own school and my own classroom management. which is not to say that lauren can’t teach – far from it! she completely rocks, just in a different way than i do. granted, part of it is the facility. after spending a year with no room to call my own, i am now the proud “owner” of an extraordinarily large space full of artistic greatness.

it makes me so happy that lauren and i are still in touch, and that i have a fellow collaborator and artist to work with. she has a remarkable lesson that she did with fourth grade that involved embedding clues in personal artwork and then developing a mystery around it. the kids had classified clue files as they searched through the reference artist’s art and worked on their own. i need to get ahold of that lesson plan!! it was just so creative and completely unlike anything i would have thought to do.


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