oh my, i am the tiredest girl.

see, i got accepted into this pretty cool program (leadership development iniative xii, part of leadership pittsburgh and hereafter referred to as ldi) and it formally got under way this week. i am trying not to post such ridiculously long entries, so here please go check out the site, especially if you live, work, or attend school in pittsburgh.

anyway, thursday, we had a rather swank-yet-business-casual reception in the terminal building on the south side, to meet one another and learn about the program we are committed to for the next year. and then on friday afternoon, i left for camp kon-o-kwee in scenic zelienople for a retreat.

i know what you’re thinking. how on earth could anything good come of this?

but no, seriously, it was an effin ball. well, all except for the slight emotional outburst i of course had in front of everyone as we were discussing effective leaders and someone brought up hitler and i pretty much lost it because i just cannot condone mentioning his name in the same list as martin luther king, jr., etc., because oh i don’t know, he effin murdered millions of people, some of whom were related to me. yeah, pretty much everything but that part rocked. and to be fair, no one was trying to be offensive, and it did result in us stopping and setting up some intense groundrules for future group discussions about sensitive topics.

okay, i hadn’t intended to delve into that in this posting. i was instead going to just explain why i am so effin exhausted. but seeing as how i am, well, effin exhausted, i think i will wait and add more later. i literally cannot see straight.



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