Hockey withdrawal

it’s been over a month, and i think i’ve handled it pretty well, but as there seems to be nothing changing or developing to improve the situation, i figure it’s time to come out and officially whine publically about the lack of hockey.

it’s particularly a shame now that i have so many more people to go to games with, and to play in fantasy leagues with. besides d and liz, there is maz and john and and eric and sarah and elana and michael and who knows who else – and with tickets so reasonable for “students”, almost anyone can be convinced to make a night of it.

the real crime of course is that not enough people in this country actually care there is no hockey, or even notice that it’s gone. i had a conversation with a chica at ldi and she flat out admitted that she had had no clue that hockey was awol this season. tragic, really.

could almost make a girl wish she were a baseball fan.

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