i had the best night last night!!
i haven’t had so much fun in months, and it was just fantastic the way that all the elements came together!

sunil’s band, bleeder, was playing at the artists image resource on the northside. i’ve heard his band’s cd, but hadn’t seen them play live, and it’s so rare that their shows are at a convenient time for me. since d had to work anyway, i made the choice to consciously plan to attend the evening’s show, especially because of the location. air is a printmaking studio that has been in operation in some form or another since 1994. it is an amazing resource for local artists, and last night was actually part of an all day open house event. it was ten bucks to get in, with all beer you could drink, food you could eat, art you could make, and bands you could hear.

there’s a short list of friends in pittsburgh grand enough to share such a delectable evening with. i made some phone calls, and sure enough, my initial hunch was correct. at 8:30pm, i picked up elana, and we headed out to the best effin night ever.

i love her! she is so much fun! i am so pleased to be out of the clutches of evil that prevented me from truly enjoying how delightfully wonderful elana can be. we have so much in common, while at the same time we are each good at our own unique things. she has an honest adoration for music and art – and food! – so the plan of action for the night was perfecto.

we got to talk with sunil before the show, which was great since then he knew for sure we were there. we watched for part of the time, but we could actually hear really well from the studio downstairs, so we made ourselves busy creating typography prints – something elana had never done before. her prints came out so well! mine were rushed, since it was getting late, but i am also pleased with the results.

we drank some more beer and stuck around for a bit. it was awesome to see sunil again – he’s so darling! and by that time jacob had called with our next destination – pegasus. except we weren’t prepared for or interested in dancing last night at all. so we whined, and elana said she’d buy him a shot, and we ended up at ny ny in shadyside instead. that was really the best choice, since we could sit and smoke and drink and talk, and we got to meet playwright colin. we stayed for about an hour and a half, but in the meantime maz had been calling and texting, urging us on to our final destination for the evening.

we got to shootz relatively late, and it actually wasn’t crazy crowded. we sat with maz at the small bar on the far side and again just talked and smoked and drank. (it was not a good night for lungs, that is for sure.) luckily both he and elana were in great moods and willing and interested to meet/hang out with the other since they hadn’t had alot of time before that to do so at school. we were all pleasantly buzzed or drunk at that point, and in high high spirits. i have such great friends, it makes me so happy when we can go out like this and have a ridiculously great time and stay until the lights are turned on!

that time did come, though, and we headed off. i did an excellent job of staying just below the threshold of too-drunk-to-drive so all parties arrived home safe and sound. maz was sweet enough to call and check on us twice (and invite us to sleepover ha ha) and i called lizy and d so they would know i was finally on my way back.

our (insert superlative here) evening had come to an end.

particular shout outs go to elana’s new squirrel hill skater tee, jacob’s new jacket, and maz’s earrings once again making an appearance. and i deserve accolades for getting to bed at 3:30am but still getting up early to go and teach this morning!

i am content. time for a nap.


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