sometimes being a teacher rocks…

…and it has nothing to do with the kids.

it’s the perks.

don’t get me wrong, the kids are often delightful, but so is a free fancy schmancy catered dinner, curator talk, and gallery visit at the premiere of an internationally acclaimed art exhibit. or a free fancy schmancy catered dinner, backstage tour, and tickets to a new play at a respected regional theater. and let’s not forget the free fancy schmancy catered luncheon at the big bad curriculum meeting held at the luxurious downtown hotel.

did you guys ever think i’d be playing adult quite like this?!

tonight i went to the carnegie international educator’s evening at the carnegie museum of art, and sent elana to the similar city theater evening. now i’m exhausted and i have ldi tomorrow night, so it’s off to bed with updates in the morning. the good news is the exhibit is fantastic, the bad news is the artist i was most interested in seeing (after a fascinating new yorker profile) got into a tiff with the curator so his work won’t be shown afterall.



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