it’s cleaning day!

delightful morning message from d has me in a great mood, ready to teach rich white kids (and one token indian kid) how to do whizbang on their sats. then it’s off to pick up the mom for a day of heavy heavy cleaning. i prefer to think of it as a search and destroy mission – we are searching out the sad, disorganized, cluttery andrea and DESTROYING her!! hahahahahahaha

with a little help from our friends at dr. sarma’s office.

yes, kids, i finally did it. i sought outside assistance in my war against adhd. it’s not that i gave up, entirely, it’s that i admitted i couldn’t do it myself anymore. that’s the first step in every twelve step program, right? riiiight.

so i started my fully sanctioned drugs on friday…should be interesting, that.

anyway, in about three weeks we will know for sure if this is the right choice, and hopefully i’ll be a delightfully well-adjusted kiddo myself, complete with the ability to maintain a system in my life once more! it would also be stellar if my friends didn’t think i was such a spaz most of the time, but i consider that just a side bonus, really.

i think the funniest part is that i am now taking two of the same prescriptions as some of my favorite spastic students. and unlike them, i promise to remember to actually ingest mine every day!

BONUS GAME: find the oddly out-of-character metaphors hidden throughout this post. weird.


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