I have clay under my fingernails.

i am so proud of my fifth and sixth graders. they are doing clay faces – well, sculpey faces to be exact, since i don’t have a kiln – and it’s a struggle but they are really getting it, and really enjoying it! i did a similar full-out ceramics project at peabody high school and in comparison, my little middle school kids are just rocking their socks off! we talked about facial proportion, and i do a demo every class period for a specific feature. after that, they are pretty much on their own to create something truly unique and fantastic. i can’t wait to show them off at the celebration of learning on the 23rd!

i was out way too late again last night, although it was all under the guise of getting work done. i met with five of the growing theater folk to revise the script, and we decided to hold that important meeting at the delightful bites and brews establishment right next to the elbow room. this is hands down my new favorite shadyside spot. d and i ended up there sunday night (is it sad that i can’t remember if i wrote about that or not? yes, i think it is.) in search of a place to watch the colts game (which we won $750 on – yes, i said seven hundred and fifty dollars! i enjoy parlays!) and were so tickled with both the beer selection and the prospect of creating our specifically organized sandwiches. it’s like sheetz with style, seriously. i actually made a special effort to tell maz i’m going to drag him there sometime because it has all his favorites under one roof – excellent sandwiches (read:bread), great draught choices, a decent jukebox, and sports on the tv.

wow, clearly i am tired this morning because the growing theater story got sidelined by the food and beer parts. oh well. i have to go argue about a grant now.


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