I don’t like when it says (no subject) on the sidebar.

d left football on the xbox – i haven’t changed it yet
i miss the boy.
he is in dc this weekend visiting his sister. i will have to watch the newest venture bros. all by myself.

we had a staff party at dave and buster’s last night. it was good to see so many people out and about in a social setting. of course we continued the trend afterwords and headed over to rock bottom and sing sing at eric’s request (and giddiness). it was excellent that jason and alan could join us…and i think vicki? yes, i believe that is indeed eric’s girlfriend’s name. anyway, we sat around at rock bottom continuing to get all nice and warm and toasty buzzed. i ended up talking to cate for awhile about school, which in hindsight i regret because jeez oh man it was a friday night and i shouldn’t have wasted even one second discussing work! we ultimately decided to head over to the piano bar, and then disaster struck – alice didn’t have her license, and it was non-negotiable, even with eric’s pal working. so she and alan left us, and we headed up to our seats. elana and i were both drunk by then, and had a brilliant brilliant brilliant time singing and dancing. jason bought us shots; don’t even have a fucking clue what they were, but they tasted like candy. all in all, it was an excellent evening.

i left to come home rather early, since i knew i had to get up this morning for a class emily and i took at the society for contemporary craft. can’t reveal too much, since i made presents for several regular readers (a shout-out-slash-taunt to elana, lisi, mymostdarlingestsaraeverinlathatimisssomuch, and the mom hahahahahah), but i had a messy, yet creative and productive day. it is fabulous to have access to a studio to get my juices flowing, and it is so rare that i have an entire day to spare to do so. emily is a great class partner, too.

the mom is coming tomorrow to help clean. nuff said about that one.

for some reason, i am exhausted right now. i believe i shall nappy nap nap until i can garner up the courage to clean the bathroom. perhaps i will line up all the presents i made in front of me and go to sleep with a smile on my face.


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