happiness is a new couch

especially when the apartment is clean enough to accomodate it!

we are doing so well with the unpacking/organizing/cleaning tasks that elana came over tonight! there is a visible floor, and a couch of course, an immaculate kitchen and bathroom, a fully stocked linen closet, clothes on hangers and in drawers…basically, everything you’d come to expect from a functional adult’s apartment.

it’s still not completely done – estimate is about two hours left if d and i are both working hard. just some final reorganizing and laundry sorting. sunday afternoon i did twelve loads of clothes, and one load each of sheets, towels, and rugs, but there is still some more left. basically picture two people’s entire wardrobe upturned onto the floors of three rooms and a hallway and you might get an idea of what it USED to be like. but not now!

and i haven’t even gotten to the best part, the checklists…!!!

okay, i fully understand how amusing this is going to be. trust me, maz has already said anything and everything possible to make fun of me, but even he truly admits that this is exactly what i need. throughout the apartment are little laminated checklists to remind me of some of the steps necessary in maintaining my apartment systems. for instance, there is a checklist in the living room that goes like so:

in the living room…

did you hang up your coat?
did you put your shoes in the bedroom?
did you sort and file mail?
did you remove clutter?

did you vacuum?
did you dust?

and there is one by the door that says:

before you leave…

do you have your keys?
do you have your wallet?
do you have your phone?
are you dressed for the weather?
did you leave the windows open?
did you leave any lights on?
did you leave the iron on?
has the cat been fed?

so hopefully this will just instill me with a greater sense of awareness of all the things i need to be responsible for. it should also be helpful for d, but he’ll never admit that!

i didn’t sleep last night at all. and when i say that, i mean i actually did not sleep, unlike some people who say that and are in reality meaning they only slept a few hours. i think it’s my new meds. at least, it seems a likely excuse for now. but the point is that with all this productivity going on, i think i’ll be able to doze off tonite in no time flat.


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