le sigh

i am ready ready ready for this part to be over over over!

as i posted on alisa’s page, d and i went shopping last night and despite spending gobs of cash on mucho food for home consumption, there is not a single thing that we purchased that i want right now. and it’s not because i’m craving other things intead, oh no! i am just totally uninterested in the whole concept of eating. i have crazy heartburn at the drop of a hat, and i’m very much wanting milk but under no circumstances anything cream-based – no mayo, ranch dressing, cream sauce (well, i always hated that). it’s very very strange.

in other news, i wore my first official maternity clothes last week to school. i got a couple pair of pants and four shirts. yesterday i actually wore my yoga pants to school with a nice top and no one was the wiser. my mom is making me some dresses too, because this whole thing is so unpredictable. all i know is most of my old clothes are not super comfortable any more, and if my boobs don’t stop growing soon i’m going to scream. sorry, guys.

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