strange success, but success nonetheless.

this afternoon, i “rescued” a student, a selective mute (and yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds) from a nasty, awful, horribly bully who happens to be in his class. this terrible child should not even still be at my school with the number of incidents he has directly caused, but luckily, bitching about him is not the point of this posting.

anyway, i caught T.C. messing with S.M. right in front of my classroom. he pushed him repeatedly from behind, almost causing him to fall. keep in mind that these boys are both in first grade, or to be more clear, six years old. i dealth with T.C. accordingly, but the delightful moral of the story is that S.M. is now speaking to me!

apparently a selective mute is typically a child with trust issues, and adults (they often will just talk openly with other kids) have to “earn” the right to hear them speak. so after working with him sporadically since september – i see first grade once every three days – i’ve finally done enough to have him raise his hand in my class, beckon to me to come over, and whisper an answer in my ear.

woo hoo!

very, very, very strange.

and another school story:

(luckily, this one didn’t happen to me.)

it involves a kindergartener who threw a tantrum the other day for something mundane (as usual). apparently he was then separated from his classmates and his teacher got on the phone to call home. when he tried to hand the phone to his student, the kid just threw it back at him and announced he was going to the bathroom. his teacher called his name once, the kindergartener stopped in the middle of the room and glared at him, and then preceded to delibrately pee all over the floor.

he had to clean it up (with the custodian’s help) before he was allowed to call home for clean clothes. and he got two days out for throwing the phone at his teacher and peeing in class on purpose.


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