baby updates

i went to the doctor on thursday after school. she used this rolly thingy on my tummy so we could hear the baby’s heartbeat. she said, “here it is!” and i said, “oh,” and she laughed and said, “why am i more excited about this than you are?” to be honest, it didn’t sound at all like i expected. it was very, well…wet sounding. more like whooshing than the thumping you hear when you listen to a living, breathing person’s heart. and no arguing about my semantics here either, guys – it’s still a tadpole! it’s still living in goo!

i am more anxious than ever to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. i find it a little disconcerting to keep using the pronoun “it”, so whether girl or boy, i will be much much more happy to actually use the correct word as soon as i am able to! probably by the end of february, according to everything i’ve read.

i’m mostly done with the being sick part, in that i haven’t thrown up in several days. i’m still having a lot of trouble finding things that sound appealing, and smells can set me off, but it seems that i am officially done with first trimester nonsense. right on schedule, as i also officially entered the second trimester this weekend. it’s like moving to the next level in the longest most tedious video game ever.


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