Trying to make myself sleepy again

david complained i was getting too gross with my entries lately. i suppose he has a point. he did however point out rather amusingly that i could write a book on the three b’s of tadpoles – boobs, barfing, and bloodvessels (or 4 b’s – broken bloodvessels?)

so i’ll leave out the nasty stuff for a couple days, assuming there is any. i am still hoping it was a disgusting, terrible, woefully miserable twenty-four hour fluke. my upchuck countdown begin again with 3:30am this morning…it’s been five hours and i’m still going strong. heh.

so yeah, it’s snowing. alot. and apparently it’s going to continue to snow. alot. i had to get up to move the car (how sad that it was washed!) since d came home late last night and didn’t get a nice upstairs parking space. i’m seriously considering paying for an inside garage spot. i’m sure ever other tenant in the building has that idea, so i guess i should probably pursue it soon if i really think it’s going to happen.

this is a series of odd tangents, i apologize having reread what i wrote so far.

we are going to see eliza’s show grease tonight at the…shit, i don’t know if it’s the benedum or the byham. i’m excited and yes, i know it’s a totally ridiculous fluff musical. it has great dance potential, though, and i really love to watch her dance.

enough rambling, i’m going back to bed.

happy snow, everyone!


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