Flu Fun

i’m home today with the flu. the good news is that i have a very reasonable explanation for the fact that i can’t keep any food down at all. the bad news is that i really don’t like missing school, especially fridays since it’s growing theater day. my friend lauren is in for me, and i’m sure she’ll do fine. but i like my time with the cmu folks so much, it’s a shame to miss it.

i got involved in an interesting blog discussion the other night where i feel quite strongly that my initial comments were misinterpreted and ultimately disdained completely. i posted another response last night when i couldn’t sleep again but for anyone who doesn’t read david’s site, here’s where to find it.

it’s all about good art and bad art and who has the right to declare good and bad – and my point (i thought) that sometimes saying less can be more telling than pointing out every little thing wrong with the show. how many of us have been asked about a show a friend was involved in and we realize we can’t say much more than the fact that it was interesting? or we talk about the one detail we DID like rather than the many we didn’t? now of course, critics get paid to criticize – and i believe, to do so often in an entertaining and inflammatory way.

anyway, go read, and tell me if i was being ridiculous or perhaps it was i who missed the boat on this one.

i’m going back to bed.


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