babies are cool…

and you know what? having a baby is even cooler. cuz people buy you stuff. even when you’re only five months pregnant. yup yup they do. so here i sit, absolutely panicked out of my mind with thoughts of getting everything together for valerie’s shower, cleaning and packing, moving, redecorating, hiring teachers for next year, michael and valerie’s wedding, planning the baby party, finishing the school year, and having the damn baby finally. i am thoroughly overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. but lizy went to her juliard audition this past weekend (more on that later), and she and d’s mom brought me back this teeny tiny little tshirt that has a picture of a street sign that says “broadway” on it. my first baby clothes! or i guess i should rightly say, the baby’s first baby clothes!

speaking of, we’ve narrowed it down (so far) to the following two names. we’ve opted for samuel in memory of d’s grandfather. guess which choice i want?! but with your help, maybe i can convince him to get on board with the right choice!

Poll #447515 This Could Be It!
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 8

Without a doubt, my vote for the baby’s name is:

Avi Samuel Chetlin
7 (87.5%)

Samuel Avi Chetlin
1 (12.5%)


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