so a harmless little shopping trip has me totally freaking out.

this morning, my parents picked me up, and we went down to the strip district to look at flowers for valerie’s shower and a chair for my dad. on the way back, we stopped at home depot so i could pick some paint colors since d and i find out on monday if we get the apartment on the fourth floor.

if all of this seems totally benign, it was – basically. the only moment i had to give me a taste of what was to come occured at the home depot when i revealed to my mom that i a)refuse to paint the baby’s room pastel blue and b)will similarly refrain from using a “theme” in his room. i am going to use bright colors, and though blue will probably play a part in that design, it will not be exclusive. you can see the direction i am heading color-wise, though by no means the design or color ratio, here. click on buzz lightyear’s head.

the real insanity came when my mom and i stopped at babies r us to look around. my parents informed me today that they are buying the baby’s furniture, which was totally unexpected and absolutely fantastically amazing. we were underwhelmed by the options there and will be going to ikea soon, since i particularly dig what i see on the web catalog (suggestions, alisa?) anyway. still, all of this was relatively okay, until we made the mistake of walking over to strollers

holy fucking shit! there are a thousand different kinds! your choice of stroller affects your choice of baby carrier which affects your choice of car seat which affects your choice of stroller which affects your choice of baby carrier! it is absolutely unreal. do you get a stroller that the carrier attaches to, that also doubles as a car seat but that takes up half your car because it’s so bulky? do you get a separate car seat that can convert to a toddler seat, and supplement with an additional carrier? do you really need a stroller to begin with or can you wait until the kid is old enough to sit up himself, therefore bypassing the more expensive ones that recline all the way for infants?

i talked to emily, because her son just turned one in october, and she confirmed the general sense i was getting just instinctively in the store, but even when i narrow it down to a genre, there are still kachillions of styles within that to pick from! my mom gave me her consumer reports password so i can do some safety research, as well as just read anecdotal reports of other peoples’ experiences. if i was independantly wealthy, i may be freaking out slightly less, but since every purchase has to be calculated down to the last cent, there is alot of pressure to pick the “right” one. and yes, i know – i’m having a shower, or several as a matter of fact – and there will be assistance. but can i really expect anyone to buy a $200 stroller? um, no. WHICH IS FINE! what child needs a $200 stroller?! and assuming we choose a more reasonably priced monstrosity, it still has to be registered in advance in case someone else DOES want to buy it!

okay, okay, i know it’s march and we have until july to figure these things out, but can i just have a day or two to freak the fuck out before approaching things in a reasonably and research-based fashion?

yeah, that’s what i thought.


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