eat n park

i have been eating alot of fresh fruits and vegetables because they really sound yummy to me, and i have found that i need to eat things that sound yummy or else i won’t eat much at all. anyway, we’ve been going to places that have salad bars – which is a surprisingly short list, and all i really want is sweet tomatoes, the super amazing salad bar place we ate at all the time in portland.

tonight we went back to eat n park, which is actually totally fine with both of us. the salad bar is excellently maintained (as you’ll see in a moment), and they have pea pods! the only thing missing tonight was the strawberries.

anyway, halfway through dinner, d came back to the table saying, “if i had a blog, this is what i would write about…” and though i offered him a guest authorship, he said it was better off just being shared by yours truly.

d wanted some cheese, because of course, cheese is often one of the best aspects of a salad bar salad. he got to the shredded cheese spot just seconds after the salad bar maintainer lady exchanged the almost-empty cheese bucket for a completely filled one. she then transferred the small amount of leftover cheese to the top of the new bucket, and formed a delightful conical arrangement of cheesy deliciousness. her final touch was to plunge the spoon all the way into the bottom of the cheese display, and i’m sure you know where this is heading…

the minute d tried to un-plunge the cheese spoon, he created a collapsion of shreds. the salad bar maintainer lady sighed audibly directly in his ear, emphasizing her displeasure with his choice to eat some fucking cheese. he totally ignored her, but how annoying is that? she eventually went around to “fix” the beets he had also just disturbed.

i guess that is the price we pay for going to eat n park and expecting well-maintained salad options – the disdainment of the salad bar maintainers when we try to eat their wares.


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