i am in a tunnel

well this is a new one.

my hands have been bothering me for a couple weeks – specifically numbness in my fingertips, shooting pain from my wrist up my arm, tingling in my fingers and palms, etc. if any of you spend alot of time at your computers daily – or work in offices with other people who do – you’ll probably immediately recognize those symptoms as classic carpal tunnel syndrome. hmmm, wonder where that came from?

turns out, it’s common in about 25%-28% of all pregnancies. just poof! spontaneous carpal tunnel. supposedly, it’s related to hormones and fluid retention but i don’t care what it’s caused by, i think it just sucks. six or so times a night i would be woken up with pain and tingling and numbness in my hands and forearms. sometimes when i’d write or draw for too long (say, ten minutes straight?) my hand would go numb and i wouldn’t realize it until i physically couldn’t hold the pencil any more and it’d drop from my fingers.

there’s not a whole lot that can be done, besides support it. i’m trying to get away with just doing my right hand since it’s way worse, but we’ll see. in the mean time, i have this gimpy thing to wear pretty much all day and all night except when i’m showering.

bet you all want one, eh?


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