long day, but loads accomplished.

first of all, huge kudos to anne mundell and my parents for helping us tackle the painting. anne helped me decide on color and lay out the stripes, and my parents – well, my dad is a rock star painter, and he was just so helpful through the entire process.

we did three full walls. the living room accent wall is a gorgeous blue, and we did the soffit fascia in the same color the whole way above the windows. i’ll take pictures when my parents bring their digital camera tomorrow. the bedroom is a bright bright limish green, again just an accent wall. we also did the short soffit fascia the same color.

but the baby’s room. wow. anne and i measured and taped out this morning, and then my mom and d and i painted. it took two coats, and i was so nervous it wouldn’t work out! we ended up deciding to leave white in between the stripes of color, for ease of taping, and to minimize the intensity. we chose three colors, a deep blue, a deep green, and a punchy yellow. it looks awesome!


this is a lousy picture, because i only had my phone with me, but it just knocks me out how cool it looks. as you can sort of see in the top left corner, we did the soffit fascia solid in the deep blue. the striped wall is again just an accent wall, so it’s not too overwhelming. the white with the stripes helps alot.

i’ll take better pictures tomorrow – which is packing and cleaning day.


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