yesterday went well, we got alot accomplished packing-wise, and continued to move more things downstairs. today, some friends are coming to help with the big stuff – the bed, the desk, the large dresser, etc., but we’re in really good shape.

we just had the conversation of even though we have two days (monday AND tuesday, since i don’t have school again until wednesday), let’s not allow it to prevent us from getting the maximum done today too. we are one load away from having ALL of our clothes, towels, and other sundry items washed and folded and mostly put away. it’s difficult to know where to put some things that go in say, the linen closet, because we are currently in possession of two. i’ve just been going downstairs with piles whenever i get a bunch of linen closet stuff.

it’s quite liberating to know what the place looked like (upstairs) last week and what it will look like (downstairs) by the end of tuesday. everyone who’s helped out has been fantastic.

thank you, nice people :)


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