kids say the darndest things…part one of what will most likely be infinite

so dearest elana couldn’t hold it in anymore. she just HAD to tell the kids at school. and frankly, i think it’s a riot that they don’t know – but as you’ll soon see, some of them did, and the rest do now! elana teaches fifth and sixth grade…

Elanablake (1:43:36 PM): i just want to tell the kids soooo bad about the baby in the oven
Elanablake (1:44:17 PM): i am like soooo close to saying, “hey guys- guess what? shock is gonna have a baby!!!”
Elanablake (1:44:24 PM): so now is your time to stop me
aerdin (1:44:25 PM): so? go ahead
aerdin (1:44:30 PM): obviously some of them know already
Elanablake (1:44:31 PM): really?!?!?!?
aerdin (1:44:33 PM): !yeah totally
Elanablake (1:44:39 PM): hehehehahahahohoho
aerdin (1:44:39 PM): they’ll probably be like, duh mrs blake
Elanablake (1:44:46 PM): they are working so quietly right now
Elanablake (1:44:57 PM): but this is more important
Elanablake (1:44:59 PM): i will tell them
aerdin (1:45:09 PM): hahahaah okay
aerdin (1:45:18 PM): you HAVE to tell me what they say
Elanablake (1:46:45 PM): lol
Elanablake (1:46:48 PM): it was so great
Elanablake (1:46:51 PM): they all freaked out
Elanablake (1:47:09 PM): keisha knew
Elanablake (1:47:14 PM): she figured it out on her own
Elanablake (1:47:20 PM): emily heard me talking to tierra
Elanablake (1:47:23 PM): but the rest didn’t know
aerdin (1:48:51 PM): LMAO
aerdin (1:48:53 PM): thats awesome
aerdin (1:49:18 PM): good job!
aerdin (1:49:29 PM): now EVERYONE knows by default ha ha
aerdin (1:49:34 PM): keisha is one smart cookie
Elanablake (1:51:16 PM): some of the kids were grossed out
Elanablake (1:51:25 PM): because of course they just think of how the baby is made
aerdin (1:51:40 PM): HAHAHAHA
Elanablake (1:51:41 PM): and they were like, “thats too mature for us. you should have just told the 6th grade”
aerdin (1:51:55 PM): OMG


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