unperfect saturday:
*go to the hospital because you can’t stop throwing up and have intense and violent abdominal pain
*be instantly admitted cuz you’re preggers and that’s what they do
*have many many ivs
*be poked and prodded and tested
*get almost no rest BUT get a preview of the labor and delivery ward (since a byproduct of the vomitting is that you’ve started contractions – which is bad)
*learn that next time you need to bring your own pillows
*find out the baby is 3 lbs 10oz, give or take 10oz, and his due date is july 16
*eventually stop throwing up
*eventually stop being in excruciating pain
*send d home so he can get some rest (at least one of you should)
*come home on sunday feeling like you got hit by a truck cuz you’ve pulled a muscle in your abdomen and back from the vomiting, not to mention the delightful broken blood vessels all across your face

i’m not going to school tomorrow

goodnight all


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