what a day this has been, what a rare mood i’m in

there’s nothing like your little brother getting married to make you all contemplative about your own life.
but damn, what a year this is for my parents too! michael is a husband now, i’m soon going to be a mom – making them in-laws and grandparents in one month(ish) of craziness!

speaking of grandparents, what do (or did) you all call your own grandparents? d and i are very interested in this topic, both as a geek-out exploration of language acquisition and development, and also as a fascinating look into family lore. my family for instance had the staple “grandma and grandpa shockling” group, (and it was always “grandma shockling” in full when i referred to her or addressed her) but it is interesting to note that on my father’s side, everyone else called his father “pop”. on my mom’s side, we had “nana and big pop” – the second coming specifically from pop shockling, with the qualifier because arthur snider was a big big man. my mom is pretty sure that i came up with nana as a child. d’s family has “grandma and grandpa”, who happen to be krall’s but no one uses the last name. he also has “mimi” and her late husband “pop pop” on his dad’s side. his mom thinks mimi may have been the creation of an older cousin (like nana was for me), but no one can recall where exactly pop came from.

d’s mom jo has decided she does not want to be “grandma” and so is trying out different names, including toying with the idea of just being “jo jo”. she remains unconvinced on that one. my parents haven’t expressed any particular leanings just yet.

it seems from our informal polling at the wedding that there is often some guidance from the family as far as introducing a name goes. my cousin on my dad’s side tried to get her daughter to call her grandfather “pop” in honor of grandpa shockling, but her daughter has modified it to “poppy” – which everyone is fine with. she calls her grandmother “gran”, a name completely orchestrated by my aunt carol who for some reason was pleased with that babushka-and-cookie-baking image.

on a semi-related note, we’ve come up with a system for determining our son’s name. it will either be
avi samuel chetlin
samuel micah chetlin
depending on his ounces. that’s right, folks, we’ve left it up to chance (unless i slip the nurse a note in the delivery room, although d has sworn to authenticate!) and if the ounces are even, it’s avi. odd, it’s samuel. i don’t love the look of two ch’s right back to back in the second one. are there other derivatives of michael that don’t end that way?

picking names is such a weird weird concept!


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