oh what a beautiful morning

i got about five hours of sleep last night, but miraculously i don’t feel completely like shit.

we went to the grocery store last night and got all kinds of fresh organic produce and meat and fish. we really want to make a conscious effort to start cooking alot more – we have so much fun with it, and it’s obviously alot healthier and cost effective. last night we made garlic sauteed shrip, and artichokes. i also made turkey on the grill to bring for lunch today, which is and excellent thing to have.

i am an ice fanatic. i have multiple theories on this, but first let me say that it is almost to the point of being out of control. i go through two ice trays a night, minimum. i take a full ice tray’s worth of ice in a cup with me to school. during the day, i am constantly getting ice from and refilling the ice trays here. my theories on this are a) it’s more comfortable than drinking water – it doesn’t just emptily fill you up right away like liquids do, which is increasingly uncomfortable. b) it solves the problem of me being constantly thirsty without that pesky bloated result. c) it’s nice and cool – in fact (and don’t laugh abotu this too hard), i have discovered there is a similar correlation between how my mouth feels after too much ice (numb and slurring) and too much alcohol (just slurring). the result is the same – careful overstressing of syllables. very funny to me.

anyway, i am thinking about buying a snowcone maker because what i really want most of all is fluffy ice that doesn’t require so much active chewing. i’ve looked at a couple online, but i don’t know anyone who actually owns one. do any of you? does it work? if i could go to say, rita’s and just get unflavored ice it would be perfect, but i’ve discovered they really look at you strangely when you do that. might as well try and make my own.

by the way, i do NOT think the ice thing is just because i am pregnant – it might be exacerbated by that fact (avoidance of full feeling, etc.) but my mom confirms that i have always oddly enjoyed just eating ice.

and no i’m not anemic (that’s an old wive’s tale anyway) or sexually frustrated (duh).


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