raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

it’s almost shower time!

i’m really excited – elana is throwing me a shower sunday afternoon and she’s so into it, it’s adorable! she hosted a happy hour for teachers thursday night since it was the last day of school (for the kids anyway) and she had a couple beers – by the end when i left she was just tipsy enough to say, “oh i’m so glad you’re leaving because if i had had another one i would have shown you the centerpieces!”

this is just a small shower for about ten friends, but i’m thrilled that one of them is alisa coming in from philadelphia! everyone else is local, and most of them are friends from outside work.

[confidential to SexyInDC: i will miss you, and it won’t be the same without you!! but fabulous luck with the furniture delivery – and subsequent assembly! i will call you sunday night!]

we’re now registered at both target and babies ‘r us, and i can’t help myself – i check the registry for updates every three or four days or so! legitimately, i also add things maybe half the time i go there, but i won’t lie and say it isn’t exciting to see that someone bought us the stroller or the car seat we picked out!

i am really really ready to be done, despite feeling actually pretty good. the heat has been tough on occasion, and i hate hate hate it when my legs and ankles and feet and puffy and swollen. it is difficult to get much accomplished when you have to stop and keep your feet up, so i usually just try to play catch up at night by keeping them elevated when i sleep. even so, some days it’s embarrassing to have them visible. my fluctuating blood pressure is actually down to a really good level, even with the crazy weather. and i’m not in any pain per se, i’m just mildly uncomfortable. this week i was at a conference every day, where we painted, sculpted, sang, played instruments, and danced – that’s right, danced. i managed to participate in probably 98% of all of activities.

somehow it is ten after five in the morning…i slept for about three hours and then d woke me up (as i’d asked him to) with food. i guess i should probably return to bed. last little complaint of this whole experience is definitely my tiredness-while-still-being-unable-to-sl

eep-restfully. luckily tomorrow is a lounging day, with just a few errands to run. and then sunday is shower day!!

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