what a great day!

let me just start by saying how much i love my friends! elana hosted a beautious shower for us this afternoon, with so much delicious food to snack and munch on. it was just awesome to have alisa there in town, and for my mom to get to meet everyone.

and man, this baby is going to be stocked! here is my vote on the whole registry or not-registry debate – while getting things you already picked out is certainly awesome and helpful, getting hand-picked things from dear dear friends is so special also! my mom and alisa both knitted for the baby – a sweater and booties, respectively. and elana remembered what i had loved from a months-ago conversation – a little onesie that says “i can’t read” on it!! monica packed her whole present in this awesome blue and red truck-shaped rubbermaid box, which will be excellent for holding toys later! the list goes on and on…everyone was so thoughtful and helpful and just so sweet!

the one down note to the day is the fact that i am in fact still here in pittsburgh to have my shower in the first place – i am not in indiana celebrating david and marisa’s wedding. knowing i wasn’t allowed to travel, i was able to plan the baby shower for this weekend, but the result was that not only did marisa miss it, i of course missed her wedding day. she looked splendid in her dress (when i helped her pick it out!) so i can’t wait to see the pictures. there’s just so much going on this summer for so many people – lauren’s wedding is the day before my due date (she was MIA today, come to think of it), and chris and nick’s is coming up too…makes me want to switch my song title subject line to “ch ch ch changes”

have to get dressed and head up to the mountain house. it’s d’s father’s birthday, so we’re celebrating in rustic style.

thank you again to everyone who made this such a special day for me and the baby!


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