battle of who could care less

everyone is tired of school.

gee, i wonder why? it’s almost july and we’re still not finished! the kids were done last thursday, and most of us finish up this thursday, but really…who are they kidding? without a/c it is completely unbearable to be around the building, much less get any work done in our classrooms. we’re trying to assess curriculum choices for next year and no one can remember what we did this year – we’ve blocked it out already.

i keep plodding along, making as many plans as possible for the professional development sessions at the start of the school year, and for the school year in general. it’s becoming more and more difficult to strike up the urge to care enough to get the work done, however, and that is due both to the heat and to the impending birth of our son.
two more days of school, then an ikea trip, then my family shower…

i can handle this.


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