it’s too darn hot

even though this is the coolest it’s been all week, and even though i am dressed for extra air flow (long-skirted crepey dress), and even though i have the fan blowing right on my face, it is really ridiculously hot and i want to go home.

there, i said it. there is no taking back the fact that this is going to be a whiney post.

i had a great but long meeting last night, from about 5pm until after 8! it was with a new teaching artist for a residency, so i had to cut him some slack as far as timing goes. tonight’s meeting (in forty-five minutes, hence my being stuck at school) should go alot faster.

sigh, i’m so not into doing ANYTHING right now in this heat (87 degrees in my room at the moment) that i’m not even going to finish writing this post.

later, skaters.


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