I’m singing in the rain




nothing like inviting all of my mom and d’s mom’s friends to guarantee an amazingly gift-filled shower! there is actually no floor space to step into the baby’s room right now becaue it is crammed full of bags and boxes and bows. the trunk of the car is still filled (though we emptied the back seat with three trips), and there are three large gifts still remaining at my parents’ house!

everyone was so generous and helpful and fabulous, and the weather was absolutely stunning. my mom and jo did such a great job planning and organizing things – including the deelishus food from kazansky’s (luckily with lots of leftovers!).

a special thanks to eliza for letting the baby shower share her eighteenth birthday, too!

now we have to begin the long process of inventory…which should be a fun yet forever-long task. i’m ready for everything to be put in order now!

i’ll share some of the specifics in the next couple of days. my new sister-in-law (!!) took pictures during gift time, so no doubt there will be some passable ones to share with y’all also.


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