food, glorious food

can i just continue to say how awesome d’s cooking is lately? i am so impressed!

the chowder from the other day was unbelievable – and it was accompanied by cheesy garlic bread (both significantly overshadowing my pathetic entry, pumpkin pie). the fact that the entire soup base was concocted from scratch just blows my mind. i don’t even know what all was in it! at one point when i got up from a nap, i stumbled into the kitchen to find him removing kernels from fresh ears of corn we had just purchased. other than that, the remaining ingredients are a complete mystery to me.

tonight he is making panko-encrusted baked salmon with sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, and toasted pine nuts. what?! he absolutely blows my mind with this stuff! it is especially wonderful since about the last thing i want to do right now is stand in the kitchen fixing dinner.

oh, and i guess you guys want a real update in addition to my gustatory musings.

so we hung out at the hospital this morning for about two and a half hours, with me lying on my side and having the lowest blood pressure ever (something absurd like 108/49!) and listening to the baby’s heart beat and crazy rustling movements. the word for all of this is apparently a “non-stress test” – possibly to distinguish it from the hellish running stress test that i would fail miserably right now. after all this we learned: nothing.

i go to the doctor on monday, she is unwilling to commit to anything until then. more news to follow when we have it, blah blah blah.

he just made some clarified butter. does anyone else even know what that is? it made the whole room smell wonderful, though – and it’s a mere vehicle for the sauteeing! yum!


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