Oooh, Baby I love your way (not)

so today i was told that my cervix is unfavorable, which came as quite a shock to me. afterall, i feel that it was my favorable nether regions that got me in this situation in the first place, eh?

what my adorable indian doctor really meant though is that (not to get too medical or technical or baby gross here, but) my cervical opening is basically not open enough yet. we went into the appointment today hoping to schedule inducement (i have yet to confirm whether that is an actual word), and she really really wanted to be able to – she was sooo apologetic because i was sooo disappointed – but she explained that to induce now while my cervix is “unfavorable” would result in thousand-day labor and undue stress on the baby (and the mother and father!)

i asked her of course if there is anything one can do to make her cervix more favorable, and she said oh dear! does that mean no? does anyone have any doctor friends (ELISE!) to ask? or holistic new age pals? i’m desperate here! supposedly evening primrose oil works, and i’ve also heard raspberry tea leaf…

anyway, thanks to my unfavorable cervix, there is obviously not a baby and will probably not be a baby until next monday unless any of these home remedies work! i go for a sonagram sometime this week so dr. dahr can get an estimate on the baby’s birth weight, and then go back and see her on friday morning to see if, well, things are a little more favorable.

if they are, she will schedule the fun and games for monday. if they are not…well, we’re not going to think about that.

okay all, homework time – do some research, ask anyone you know – what can i do to make my cervix more favorable and get this damn kid out?!


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