agony, misery, woe – though it’s different for each

always ten steps behind, always ten feet below, (always a few centimeters short of fully dilated), and it’s just out of reach…

totally slacker email copy.

> believe me, as anxious as you guys are to hear good news about the
> baby’s arrival, we are even more so!
> dan and i spent the day at the hospital today undergoing the first steps
> of induction (as in, i got all the pain and he got to just be incredibly
> awesome at helping me deal with it). at the end of fourteen hours, the
> kiddo was still not quite ready, so we’re back at home for the night
> (and some much needed rest in our own bed!) hoping to progress normally
> tomorrow. my doctor is very optimistic that we’ll see her by tomorrow
> afternoon or evening, all ready to go, and in the meantime they gave me
> something to help me sleep through the mild contractions until they get
> more stable and consistent…and painful.
> in the meantime, here are some pictures of the baby’s room taken really
> quickly with our new digital camera and memory card (thank you anxious
> grandparents!) all we need now is the baby, and we’ll have the ultimate
> nursery accessory :)
> keep your fingers crossed for us, and hopefully by monday night you’ll
> get the real email you’ve been waiting for!
> love muchly,
> andrea and daniel


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