agony (Reprise)

i feel like a broken record. or an into the woods cd.

so, here’s the email update that went out today – i’m too tired to add anything else now, and we have to be back at the hospital by 9am tomorrow anyway.

>no, he’s still not here yet…
>yes, we are QUITE anxious, tired, ready to go, frustrated, whatever you
>want to call it!…

>my doctor did three gel treatments on sunday with the hope that monday
>things would sort of procede naturally…and they didn’t, or at least not
>fast enough or consistently enough to justify us going back to the
>hospital. so we spent yesterday and today walking and resting and
>walking and resting and walking around ALOT, and also went back to the
>doctor – where she agreed that he was really quite ridiculously
>stubborn at this point!

>so back to the hospital tomorrow for another non-stress test
>(i’m such a pro at these now!) and if things have STILL not progressed by
>thursday morning, we head back with our packed-since-sunday bags for the
>pitocin iv, which sounds like an absolute blast, yuck!

>today (wednesday) is dan’s birthday, so maybe the baby was just waiting
>to share the day with his dad? who knows – but he better get a move on
>if that’s the plan because there are only twenty-one and a half hours
>left and WE are ready to go!

>thanks for all the good thoughts, guys – and i’m sure you know how
>much we would have loved to have shared the great news with you by now!

>andrea and daniel


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