so apparently monday it is.

no matter what, his birthday will be july 25, which is fine with me. it makes him a leo, the first for either of our families. the only thing even vaguely interesting about that is the gorgeous watercolor of the lion hanging in his room – i don’t really subscribe to the rest of the astrological rules.

so i’ve pretty much resigned myself to having a caesarean and i’m okay with that. it’s not going to be wonderful or anything – and it sucks that recovery is longer since he’s already a late arrival – but at the same time, i’m anxious to be done and everything (including school) will just have to fall into place. can’t really expect it any other way, right?

the house is totally done and super clean and amazing. i’m so happy with it – i just glide (ha ha) from room to room checking out the things i’ve hung on the walls, or noting how very little clutter there is, etc. it is pleasing to me that at least this extra time was fruitful in that regard. plus, if people come to visit i will be proud to show it off, which is a good feeling.

thanks to the awesome new digital camera, i put up some new pictures and reorganized the “my pictures” photo gallery in the sidebar. all of the baby stuff is in one convenient location now, and will remain that way indefinetly. yes yes, as soon as i have pictures of the kiddo they will be posted.

well, 7am monday morning, then. we’ll head off to the hospital with all our stuff for the third time. i hope it’s not too anti-climactic, since we’ve tried it twice before. i can’t imagine it will be, at least after he’s here…



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