do you have a baby around the house? Think of something warm and small…

anyone else know the marlo thomas special from the 70s free to be you and me? we’ve been singing the baby song, well, pretty much since monday.

anyway, all is going very very well. avi is absolutely perfect in every which way. he is sleeping for about four hours at a time, and is so damn agreeable when he’s awake – it’s delightful. he really doesn’t cry much at all, and is easily comforted within moments. seriously, he just lets us know if he’s hungry or, occaisonally if we didn’t catch it immediately during the feeding phase, if he needs to be changed, by giving a couple little cries and then we pick him up and all is well.

he did cry through most of his first bath though, but really, who could blame him?

d and i are getting better and better every moment at dealing with avi in tandem – we have a great rhythm for changing him, for instance, and d has been amazing at helping all three of us figure out this pesky nursing thing. he positions and aims the baby in the best way – on the rare occaisions i’ve nursed avi without d’s help since we got home, i can only do one side before i have to get help switching him around. any of you laughing at that will see what i mean when you have a child of your own!!

there are a ton of pictures up on ophoto, and i think everyone got an email with the link – if you didn’t PLEASE let me know and i will send it to you, or get someone else to send you the address. i’ll put a couple up on here soon, don’t worry.

uncle michael and aunt valerie are coming over very soon, and we are ALL very excited. many many many more updates to follow!

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