a dream is a wish your heart makes

avi’s sleeping really well, like four to five hours at a time which is apparently fantastic for a wee small baby. both my mom and d’s mom assure us that babies are born with their personalities intact – in other words, i was a pain in the ass from day one (my mom says i rarely slept during the day and was colicky during the first three months), whereas on the other hand, my brother was passive and docile from the beginning. d and i figure we really lucked out since we have the most perfect baby ever, in both looks AND behavior.

i put up some more pictures today, but i’m still awkwardly combining email addresses in the photo program until i take a second to create a master list. if i forgot you and you’re interested, drop me a line. some of the highlights of this batch are avi’s first bath and avi the prize fighter, as well as a few from uncle michael and aunt valerie’s recent visit. by the same token, if you got an email with a link to the album and you couldn’t care less, well then, you totally suck but just let me know and i won’t share the cutest baby in the world with you any more!!

he was a week old tonight at 5:44pm

last night, we stopped at the grocery store on the way home from my parents’ house – the first trip out for avi or myself since we came home thursday (and obviously the first trip out for him EVER). the woman at the checkout asked something like, “oh how old is your little one?” because he was all wrapped up in his carrier fast asleep. i looked at d and back at the woman and said, “um, six days,” and she sort of gasped. i guess it’s a little odd to see babies that young out and about, but it’s not like it’s forbidden. it was no big deal, but i left feeling a bit sheepish anyway.

we haven’t had any visitors yet, except family. that is by my own choice – and to those of you in pittsburgh who have asked (some of you repeatedly!) i apologize, but i’m just not really up to it yet. i am kind of hobbly (not really stand-upright-able yet) and i have absolutely refused to look at myself (besides my face) in the mirror yet. i just don’t feel presentable, as much as i want to show the little guy off. i better get over this soon, though, since i’m supposed to go back to work next week at least on and off for professional development. don’t worry, though, i’m not starting the school year with the kids, so i will have enough time to fully recover.

i had intended to sit down and extoll the virtues of d, the most amazingly supportive and helpful and loving father ever, but it’s nap time so that will wait until next post.



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