daddy was a minstrel man

it’s from babes in arms, by the way.

so i said earlier that i would write about how amazingly wonderful and helpful d has been. he really is such a doting daddy, and i cannot even begin to express in words how thankful i am that he is here to help me physically and mentally recover from the surgery, as well as figure out all this new and exciting baby stuff. his whole face just lights up when he holds avi, and he is constantly singing little made up songs to the baby as he moves around the apartment. actually, we both do that – and it’s both contagious and addictive once one of us starts it! any song is a potential target, but most are showtunes for some reason. he’s also started singing david melech israel to get him to fall asleep or chill out if he’s even the slightest bit restless, but d replaces “david” with “avi” – it works quite well (if you know the hebrew pronounciation – dah-veed and ah-vee), and is super cute.

we’re off to the doctor now. our second voyage out! and mommy gets her staples removed – woo hoo!


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