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heavily-parenthesized avi updates,

we took avi to the mountain house this past weekend for the first time. we went up friday night and came back sunday, a very ambititious (read:tough) trip to make with a two-week-old baby. d’s sister lizy was in crazy for you at the mountain playhouse in jennerstown, and since she hadn’t seen avi since the night he was born, and since jess (sister number two) and tim were coming up to see the show and baby anyway, we all decided to stay in the mountains to make travel back and forth easier. of course that meant taking two days worth of baby things – and adult things – with us, a rather daunting task to be honest. but it was a good compromise location for a lot of reasons, and i’m glad we went.

friday afternoon before the mountains, jess and tim came here to see the baby and the apartment. it makes me happy that everyone is so impressed with the apartment, since i worked very hard to make it neat, organized, and decorated. we had a nice afternoon playing and dozing with avi until we finally realized if we were going to go to somerset, we needed to get moving. we finally got up there around midnight (which always seems to happen to us) and therefore started the weekend with a backwards schedule. for some reason, d (and actually, seemingly everyone else) has the uncanny ability to just not sleep when we’re in the mountains. i can’t remember the last time i was able to seriously compete with their schedule up there – obviously for a long time i was pregnant, and now that there is a baby, it seems even more ludicrous that i would stay up until 6am hanging out. on the other hand, then i miss out (or feel like i do) on alot of comeraderie, so i WISH i could stay up, it’s just not feasible at all.

we got a pack n play for avi by way of mimi, and we took it to the mountains to test it out. it’s great since it gives him an obvious place to sleep when we’re travelling, and then it will be a convenient little playpen (sorry, playyard) when he’s older. we use it at home too, when he wants to be with us in the living room even though he’s sleepy (or sleeping), or when we want him to be close but can’t physically hold him (cause we’re folding laundry or whatever). at the mountains, we put it in the bedroom, which was interesting – it is alot harder to ignore his sleep talking when he’s right there in the same room. i am not an advocate of co-sleeping at all (that’s why we moved into a two-bedroom apartment), and this weekend just emphasized that point even further. even though he is a very very good baby (in that he sleeps well), i know that i sleep better in my own room knowing he is sleeping in his – and that’s why we have baby monitors.

saturday we spent lounging around, but mostly inside unfortunately. it was a little cooler than we had hoped it would be, and overcast and rainy at times – a pity because we had wanted to sit out in the sun with avi to help rid him of his pesky jaundice. last week we had to take him not once but twice to the hospital to have blood drawn – and if you’ll permit the tangent, let me share with you the hideous way they take blood from an infant:


who the fuck came up with that?! it’s so barbaric, and so obviously painful – and um, yes, rather unbearable to watch as a parent!! and all we learned is that his jaundice is getting better (something i could have told them without taking blood) and we don’t have to put him under special lights. in any case, going out in the sun expedites this getting-better process, so we were disappointed we couldn’t be outside more up in the mountains.

saturday night we went to dinner and saw lizy’s show since d’s parents were happy to stay with the bug. (did you know that when you type A-V-I into a cell phone with predicative text, it thinks you mean B-U-G? then you have to scroll through a couple times to get to avi. we think bug is a great name for him though – little tadpole grew up to be a bug, go figure!) i have to say this in advance – d was the first one to call to check up on him! i was very glad of course, because then i didn’t have to right away! he was doing fine except he’d peed through two outfits (something he’d never done with us before), so of course i started worrying about that. we made it through the show (delightful) and came home and learned he’d also not eaten.

now i want to preface this next part by saying yes i KNOW it’s ridiculous for me to say i wish my son would wake us up more – complaining that your baby sleeps too well is like someone complaining that they’re too thin. but seriously, he slept for like, seven hours that night – and that’s a long time for a wee small baby to go without eating. we go back to the doctor next monday, and he should be back up to his birth weight by then (did you know babies lose weight after they’re born?) so hopefully he is getting enough to eat. it’s really hard to tell sometimes when i nurse because my boobs didn’t come marked by the ounce like his bottles do.

we fixed the peeing problem in two ways: one, by tightening his diaper (which makes sense because he is smaller than when we brought him home [see above]) and two, by um, aiming him down before we fasten the flaps.

on sunday afternoon, d’s aunt and uncle and cousins and grandparents came to see avi for the first time – again taking advantage of the mountain house to jennerstown and lizy’s show. i’m really glad we were able to share him and show him off to more of the chetlin clan, it was just hard to be away from the comforts of home for so long. i never sleep as well at the mountains as i do at home, for a variety of reasons, and to make matters slightly more complicated, i had to go to school yesterday. so we finally left sunday night around 8pm and i was glad to be heading home.

yesterday i got up early for the first time since he was born and showered and went to work. i’m not allowed to drive for two more weeks, but my friend kelly just moved in to our building so i caught a ride with her. as hard as it was to be away, i’m glad i went to school and made an appearance and took care of a couple of things in person. i’m going back again on thursday, but i learned that i probably won’t go back on the 6th afterall – when you have a section, it’s usually eight weeks, not six. that means it’s all the more important to get beginning-of-the-year stuff taken care of, so i don’t have to worry about it while i’m out.

mid-morning i got a text from d (that i had copied exactly into my post last night before the computer ate it, so instead i offer a paraphrase) that said something like “hard to believe but fire alarm going off for fifteen minutes no sign of stopping and avis sound asleep – old lady says to get his hearing checked.” i couldn’t respond right away, so i was worried unneccessarily – i didn’t find out later the real story was that he had just eaten and was passed out like he typically gets, and that she was busy-body-old-ladyish and not really of the informed-opinion type. besides, he DID have his hearing checked at the hospital, and we were told all is fine. and we sign with him anyway, so i guess worse case, we’re prepared regardless.

d came to get me in the middle of the afternoon, and i took avi in to see some of my colleagues and friends. most of them were in a workshop downstairs unfortunately, but those that did see him proclaimed him “so adorable” and “so small”!

i agree on both accounts.

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