school for monsters

avi went to school again today – well, just visited when d picked me up. a couple more people got to see him (but not everyone who has been asking so desperately, unfortunately!) and then we went back home. i think that today will be my last day at school for awhile (especially since i was told specifically not to go by our HR person), and i am pleased to think about the many days still ahead to hang out at home with my boys. there’s still so much to be done for the start of the year, though, and i feel bad that i will not be there to help, but apparently everyone else is okay with that. my friend lauren is sharing my room with me, and she’s been awesome about offering to get most everything ready. the kids come back august 22.

so we have this

and it has alot of benchmarks in it, like what he “should” be able to do now, and in a month, and so on and so on. i feel that he is way ahead in some areas, and i swear i am not just being a competitive mom! he can almost hold his head up without assistance (and in fact does that alot of the time, which is funny then when he stops and his head flops down like westley in the princess bride) and he pushes up off of your chest when you hold him – like reaching back his head with his super strong neck. even the doctor said he is very strong! he also coos and makes sounds all the time, and newborns are pretty much only “supposed” to cry until their first month, when they start making noises. i know, i know – it’s really not that big a difference, and he’s two and a half weeks old anyway, but sometimes i’ll be reading and realize oh, he’s been doing that – and generally he’s ahead of schedule.

he’s just a brilliant brilliant boy, that’s all!


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