slip sliding away

i fell today in the kitchen – my feet went right out from underneath me and i crashed down onto my knee. the only good thing about it was that i wasn’t holding avi at the time: he was in fact already out the door with d, who heard the crash from the hallway. i thought at the time that it wasn’t a big deal, but as the evening wore on i was in more and more pain. freshly stiched up tummys do not enjoy quick violent jerking motions downward.

in other news, guess who was a hit at the party tonight? well it wasn’t me or dan, that’s for sure. we can pretty much stop showing up to social gatherings and just send in the boy since that’s who everyone wants to see anyway! but it was good timing since i wasn’t in the mood to hold him (too painful) or feed him (too painful) or talk to people (too annoying) anyway this evening.


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