bath promenade

all the stories my mom told about trying to take a shower when i was a baby, i used to laugh and laugh and laugh at. they really are quite hysterical, due mostly to the fact that i was a much more trying child than avi seems to be – and most of them are when i’m older than he is, anyway. the crab-baby story is the most famous – it occured on the day my mom got out of the shower to see that i had flipped over the carrier i was strapped into and was crawling around the floor, yes, like a crab.

so anyway, it is now that time of day when all i want to do is spend a good twenty minutes in soaking hot water, but d is asleep and avi is…not. well, not really, anyway. he is doing a really good job of trying to sleep, but every time he loses his pacifier, or gets an arm free from his swaddling, he starts to cry – and when i say cry, i mean sort of cough from the back of his throat in short bursts, because he doesn’t really cry unless he’s very very upset (which i guess he would be if i let him cough long enough sans binky, but i never do of course).

i just wrapped him up again, and he seems to be basically content for now – should i try to get in the shower? this is the gamble i have to take every day when this happens! i don’t want to disturb d (who incidentally shaved his beard off yesterday, with zero fanfare or warning) but i really really REALLY want to be clean!

on a side-avi note, i got the first batch of pictures i ordered from ophoto or kodak gallery online or whatever they are – oops, coughing sound, dammit…

okay, re-rewrapped. gotta finish typing and hopefully use this lull to my advantage!

anyway, the pictures are excellent. i’m a huge fan, and they’re so cheap and it was so easy. i put a bunch in his baby book and a bunch in the album i’m doing, so i feel very baby-crafty without actually doing much crafting. any of you that got links to the online albums can order as well, all the info is online. just in case you wanted to plaster your world with avi like we do here :)


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