memes, memes, good for your heart

10 years ago: august 1997. about to start my junior year of high school. i had just gone to cedar point with my friend lauren and met eric, who would eventually become my “superserious” boyfriend until my freshman year at cmu.

5 years ago: august 2000. leaving portland, where i had just spent the best summer of my life living with d. josh drove up from la where he was working, and the two of us drove across the country to get back to school. i remember that he couldn’t find a hotel room in between la and portland because the x-games were in san francisco that year, and there were no rooms for a hundred miles in any direction.

1 year ago: august 2004. professional development for school while d was at the beach with his family. i had just moved into a one bedroom apartment and was trying very hard to be independant (sans d, that is). i also started this journal a year ago this august, i believe.

Yesterday: um, sat at home with the baby and d. my mom came to visit and it stormed and stormed and stormed like crazy. i finally got around to taking a shower right before bedtime. avi ate six times in twenty-four hours, which is his average, and i know this because i have been keep a meticulous log.

Today: hosted deanna and april and dan for a brief avi-visit. then we went to d’s parent’s house for dinner and i blatantly forgot about marisa and david’s soiree, so i make it up to him by thiefing his meme tonight.

Tomorrow: not school…kids start, but i won’t for several more weeks. most likely i will stay at home, though it is the first day i believe i am technically allowed to drive if i feel up to it. have to visit the management office about our gas bill, and make a doctor’s appointment for me and the babe.

5 snacks I enjoy: ice cream, trail mix that includes dried bananas, cookies like we used to get in high school, colby cheese, frozen bananas

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: ben folds, jude, elliot smith, indigo girls, liz phair

Things I would do with $100,000,000: pay off bills, buy a house, get my mfa, and never work again

5 locations I’d like to run away to: portland, oregon; any clean beach; the mountain house; europe; australia

5 bad habits I have: taking things too personally, failing to stick to a budget, eating too many of the deelishus snacks listed above, doing too much too soon (a current problem), trying too hard with d

5 things I like doing: drawing, reading, napping with avi, debating with d, taking it easy

5 things I would never wear: midrif-bearing anything, daisy dukes, hair extensions, purple contacts, high-heeled flip flops

5 TV shows I like: good eats, the daily show, venture bros., iron chef america, miracle planet

5 movies I like: emporer’s new groove, notting hill, shawshank redemption, snatch, big lebowski

5 famous people I’d like to meet: jon stewart, alton brown, ben folds, neil gaimon, guy ritchie

5 biggest joys at the moment: avi, clean apartment, moth, visiting familiy, d’s newly shaved face

5 favorite toys: the dvr, cable modem, new digital camera, baby monitors, the scion (still)


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