morning glow

this morning i was so tired when avi got me up for “breakfast” that i fell asleep nursing him, which in turn caused him to fall asleep too. it was only for a couple minutes, but it made me think oh, cool, maybe we’re done. so i put him in his crib and collapsed in my bed and was blissfully heading towards sleep when i heard him over the monitor. up again, and rightfully so – i mean, come on, mom, i only had half my breakfast, what were you thinking?! so i nursed him on the other side and put him to bed for the second through seventh times until finally, now, about an hour and fifteen minutes after he got me up originally, he is fast asleep. i had a small bowl of cereal, took the laundry out of the dryer and folded it, and sat down to check my email – quite a treat before noon around here, seriously. if it weren’t such a drab and disgusting day outside (apparently – i can only see it through the window, but it sure looks awful) i would go for a walk and then return home to my pleasantly awaiting bed. i’ve only had about three and a half hours of sleep (still can’t get the start of our nightly schedule timed right, unfortunately), so i know that even with this computer-and-laundry-and-small-breakfast detour, i will be dreaming again immediately. hopefully avi stays asleep straight through until second-breakfasts (he’s like a hobbit in that regard) instead of deciding he really MUST sleep with mommmy and daddy this morning. okay, starting to babble – sure sign that it’s bedtime. again.


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