i am, i am

i am very tired
i am not a fan of avi eating again after only two-and-a-half hours
i am restless
i am not looking forward to going back to school
i am concerned that if i choose to stay home a bit longer than planned, i won’t get paid
i am fighting with d
i am glued to the television watching the anarchy in new orleans
i am afraid i am never going to lose my baby weight
i am getting tremendous enjoyment from frozen bananas
i am pleased how much avi seems to like his baths
i am depressed about work
i am out of things to read
i am going to cmu to do a growing theater workshop tomorrow morning
i am crazy for taking avi to the beach in two weeks
i am also depressed about d
i am concerned about money
i am not sure anyone appreciates that my subjects are song titles from shows
i am looking for a new job
i am putting off some important responsibilities i should take care of
i am finally happy with the way the apartment looks
i am terribly unhappy with my haircut or lack thereof
i am delighted by how cute avi’s smile is
i am wishing i didn’t have to go back to work
i am in alot of back and foot pain still
i am pretty drained
i am proud of avi’s baby book
i am truly sad michael and valerie can’t visit this weekend afterall
i am having a bad night
i am trying to think of good things
i am lonely
i am lacking in physical companionship
i am in need of a hug
i am going to cry

i am sure things will be better tomorrow


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