good morning, good day

tonight (last night) avi ate at 8pm and then 10:30pm (boo) but then not again until 3:30pm (yay!)
too bad i wasn’t asleep during those golden five hours. and it’s deceiving anyway, since it’s not like he eats instantaneously. for instance, he started eating at 3:30am but he finished around 4am and he’s still awake now at 4:30am. luckily, d is up on the phone with his cousin josh (we love josh! we miss josh!) so he’s holding the bebe until he decides to grace us with some more sleep.

i am exhausted, since i got up early to do growing theater and then i visited the propel east school and then i went to my parents’ house and then i went shopping, all with avi. well no, not growing theater with avi, but the rest with him. he did awesomely, even deciding to poo at my parents’ house rather than when we were on the road somewhere. he got a little fussy at the store, but all that resulted in was me taking him out of his carrier and getting even more “ohyourbabyissoadorablehowoldisheohheisj

ustsocute” comments. there’s something about a curled up five week old that makes people gush to strangers, i guess.

i like to listen to d tell josh about everything avi can do. it is cute.

i’m getting kicked off the computer now so the boys can play.


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