egg, nest and tree

so we have two birds, right? two male finches, a society and a zebra, named thrush and perry respectively. perry makes this great sounds like a fax machine, and thrush sort of sounds like a cricket. we got two male birds because d’s parents had a male and female pair of zebras and now they have six – which, though kind of cool to see the process of, is not something we wanted to deal with. so we got two males.

hands up if you know where this is headed.

we came home from a day and a half in the mountains and d was rushing around to feed the cat and the birds since it had been a little bit longer than they usually go. i was laying on the couch with avi, predicting (correctly) that he would be ready for lunch any second. all of a sudden, i hear a very loud, “what the eff is that?!” and d calls me over to the cage. sure enough, there is one, maybe two broken eggs broken in the bottom of the cage (hard to tell because of the breakage).

now, due to the fact that i’m pretty damn sure finches aren’t dimorphous like the frogs in jurassic park, it would seem that the only obvious explanation is that thrush is a female. we know without a doubt that perry is male because of the tell-tale fax machine sound, but apparently it’s rather difficult to determine a society’s sex by looks alone. and even the fact that the eggs are most likely sterile is still a pain in the ass (probably literally), because it’s messy and annoying to clean up.

we don’t want to get rid of him – her – because we like her and perry seems to as well, but the whole realization was just so surreal, especially since it was discovered after coming home from a day and a half away.

we’re having a terrible time with the pronoun change, and so much for calling them “the boys” any more.


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