momma, momma

did you know this is the show barbra streisand made her debut in?

anyway, i’m going to share this little tale with the knowledge that as soon as the rest of you have kids, you will totally find yourself doing the exact same thing and it will seem totally okay then like it does to us now.

d and i talk to each other “through” the baby.

it works like this –
we constantly are talking to avi and using his name and generally avoiding pronouns because all the books (blah blah blah) say that helps him identify who is who (including himself) sooner. so we find ourselves saying things like, “what is mommy doing, avi?” and “does avi see daddy?” and so on and so forth. all of that is totally normal and i’m sure you can picture it easily. the natural progression, then, is to use those same speech patterns to communicate with one another, as in “oh no, mommy forgot avi’s blanket!” (said within earshot of d, so he’ll get it for us), or even more overt, “uh oh, daddy doesn’t have avi’s diaper cloth (for spit-up wiping), maybe mommy will bring it for us!”

the best example of this came today when d was feeding him and he said, “avi’s almost ready for a burp and then hopefully he can go to mommy so daddy can check on the caserole in the oven!” and d and i looked at each other and cracked up, because it really is rather amusing to talk that way with one another and this small third person who can’t really contribute to (or comprehend?) the conversation any way.

no news on the job front, by the way. i have an interview/meeting tomorrow morning, but it’s mostly informational.


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