the doctor is in

avi went for his two-month doctor’s appointment today. he had three hideous shots and is now very sad/sleepy/fussy/etc. and i am of course extraordinarily paranoid because i made the mistake of reading horror stories about babies dying from overreactions to their vaccines. my parents watched him tonight while d and i went and talked over dinner, and they reported that the baby was fine, just sleepy and hungry. sounded normal until we got there and heard the kinds of sounds he is making – high pitched whines that definetly are not normal, but probably well within the range of hey-guys-that-really-hurt-and-now-i’m-so


oh, also he is huge.

yeah, his head is 16 inches (it was 14 when he was born), his length is 24 inches (21 at birth), and his weight is 12lbs, 10oz (7lbs, 13.8oz). he is 90th percentile for length and 75th for weight – so, not fat but definetly not tiny like he was when he was born! i’d say he is progressing nicely!

i have an interview in the morning. perhaps when i get home i will update about the beach and the job search. right now i want to hold and comfort my baby.


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